Securitization Exams

The global credit crisis and illiquidity in the market has resulted in companies securitizing both performing and underperforming commercial asset pools in bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicles to access capital that would not readily be available outside these vehicles. Our professionals have loan origination, servicing and assessment of the quality of these underlying securitized assets.

Durkin Group provides services on an as needed basis throughout each phase of a securitization or structured finance transaction. Our pre-issuance services enhance efficiency and mitigate risks allowing our customers to focus on deal origination and execution. Services provided include:

  • Due diligence related to loans provided by lenders for the acquisition or investment in financial institutions for both performing and distressed commercial loan portfolios
  • Independent review of collateral data
  • Physical loan file due diligence and pool sampling
  • Verifying the ability of the issuer to provide ongoing data for periodic reporting and determining whether such reporting is in compliance with loan documentation

Post issuance due diligence services include verifying the accuracy of ongoing reporting to investors including testing the underlying cash flow disbursements, pooling and servicing agreement compliance, trigger event monitoring, and review of ongoing portfolio stratification data.