Borrowers Quality Assessment (BQA)

For a lender seeking a hybrid product between a Businessman’s Review and Field Examination, perhaps for a lightly monitored credit, Durkin Group offers a Borrower’s Quality Assessment. Our professional will meet with management, review financial statements and projections and perform limited authenticity testing of collateral and underlying financial records. When relying on forward looking projections, a lender needs to be certain that a borrower is able to service its debt at an acceptable coverage ratio.

Our professionals have experience in commercial lending, including asset based and cash flow lending, and in managing businesses which are experiencing operational or financial challenges. They know how to spot “red flags” which could impact a borrower’s financial performance and ability to generate consistent, reliable cash flow and to distinguish between highly functioning management teams and poor performers.

For a borrower which provides reviewed, complied or internally prepared financial statements, the Borrower’s Quality Assessment upgrades the quality of information to support sound credit decisions.