Field Examination

Due Diligence

Durkin Group offers comprehensive due diligence services to investors to assist in preserving or maximizing the value of any underperforming investments in their portfolios or in conjunction with the acquisition or sale of a portfolio business.

Underperforming Companies

In today’s challenging economic environment, investors need a partner to respond on a moment’s notice when problems arise with a portfolio company.  Our professionals offer a fresh look at the financial and operational challenges facing a company.  These challenges may include strained relationships with lenders and creditors, unprofitable customer relationships, lack of controls or proper business planning, manufacturing and logistics problems or a weakened financial condition.

Durkin Group professionals have expertise in leading companies through complex situations. Once engaged, we work quickly to analyze the situation and its causes, knowing that time is of the essence.  We work with a company’s ownership group to instill change in all levels of the organization and to develop an action plan to address any financial, organizational or operational problems.  When appropriate, we can develop cash flow forecasts which support a business strategy or reorganization plan and ensure that there is sufficient cash flow to meet operational expenses and satisfy debt obligations.

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Durkin Group provides M&A due diligence services to equity sponsors during the purchase or sale of a portfolio company.  Our professionals help our clients to maximize value and minimize risk during the process through evaluating the risk and return considerations of the deal.

Engagements are customized to our client’s needs and deal parameters and may include:

  • Evaluating the business model
  • Analyzing quality of earnings, balance sheet, reserves and unrecorded liabilities
  • Testing the integrity of historical and forecasted financial information
  • Assessing working capital and capital expenditure requirements
  • Reviewing internal control environment and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance