Field Examination

Working Capital Management

Durkin Group professionals understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.  Effective cash flow management is important, regardless of a company’s size, industry, stage or financial condition.  Financial managers need to develop realistic cash flow forecasts which take into account the potential impact of unforeseen events on short-term and long-term liquidity requirements.  The management of working capital requires an understanding of all the business processes in an organization, from the supply chain through the sales cycle, and the effect on inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash levels.

Durkin Group provides small and middle market companies with the operational and financial expertise necessary to develop and implement sound cash flow strategies.  We work with a company’s ownership group and senior management team to develop cash flow forecasts which support a business strategy or reorganization plan and ensure that there is sufficient cash flow to meet operational expenses and satisfy debt obligations.

When companies are experiencing financial or operational challenges, we provide daily cash management services, thereby freeing up management to focus on other business responsibilities.

Our professionals can work with management to:

  • Understand all the business processes in the organization and their effect on the cash conversion cycle
  • Develop short-term, intermediate and long-term cash flow forecasts which account for cyclicality, seasonality and other factors
  • Develop an understanding of all the elements in the cash flow forecast and their impact on profitability, to aid in decision making
  • Prioritize vendor payments and negotiate better terms and credit limits with vendors, lenders and other creditors
  • Communicate with all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, lenders, and creditors to instill confidence
  • Find new sources of working capital financing, where appropriate