Field Examination

Interim Management

Durkin Group offers seasoned professionals who have the ability to assume part-time or day-to-day interim management roles on behalf of small and middle market companies.  Positions include CEO, COO and CFO, as well as other staff positions.  Our interim management solution works well in the following situations:

  • When a change agent is required, with the strategic and hands-on experience to lead a company through a period of transition, until the situation has been stabilized or until a permanent replacement can be found
  • Following a change of control in ownership or the departure of a key employee
  • When relevant industry or situational expertise or specialized skills are needed
  • When temporary leadership is needed during an acquisition, sale or divestiture of a business
  • When an objective  voice is needed in the management team

Our professionals can be put in place, on a moment’s notice, to work with a company’s ownership group and senior management team.  They have the leadership experience and sense of urgency necessary to initiate rapid change in an organization.  Once a company’s situation, operations and finances have been stabilized, Durkin Group can assist in the hiring of permanent business leaders and other professionals.