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Lenders and investors are faced with unique opportunities and risks when partnering with healthcare companies. Our services to healthcare lenders and investors include:

To help our customers navigate this heavily regulated environment, our staff keeps up-to-date on changes in Medicare reimbursement rates and caps, and state laws that can affect Medicaid reimbursement rates. Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare industry and the regulations which govern it. Our team closely follows the industry’s rapidly changing outlook and trends, which are influenced by legislative and regulatory issues. We understand the challenges and complexities customers face in monitoring healthcare receivable collateral.

Investors are subject to increasing government scrutiny of their management of facilities in their portfolios. Investors need to ensure that internal policies and procedures are in place for acceptable standards of patient care and regularly monitor compliance with these policies and procedures. Durkin Group’s Internal Audit Support Service provides investors with additional manpower to supplement their existing internal audit team.

Recent Durkin Group engagements include field examinations of healthcare companies in a variety of segments including:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Ambulance Service Providers
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Hospitals and Multi-hospital Health Systems
  • Home Healthcare and Hospice Providers
  • Laboratories
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Physician Practices
  • Staffing Providers
  • Healthcare Real Estate
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Medical Product Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Healthcare Information Technology Companies
  • Medical Technology Companies

·Healthcare Providers

oAmbulance Service Providers

oAmbulatory Surgery Centers

oDiagnostic Imaging Centers

oHospitals and Multi-hospital Health Systems

oHome Healthcare and Hospice Providers


oLong-term Care Facilities

oPhysician Practices

oStaffing Providers

·Healthcare Real Estate

·Pharmaceutical Companies

·Managed Care Organizations

·Medical Product Manufacturers and Distributors

·Healthcare Information Technology Companies

·Medical Technology Companies

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